Illinois will conduct a corrective lottery to award additional adult-use cannabis retail licenses, state officials announced Sept. 3.

The decision aims to rectify a “clerical oversight” slipup on data entry that wrongfully excluded applicants from a three-part lottery process that awarded 185 retail licenses—110 social equity licenses were allocated between a pair of lotteries held July 29 and Aug. 5, while 75 licenses for businesses with the top application scores was held Aug. 19.

Unless nullified in court, the results from those original three lotteries are final, according to a statement the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) released Sept. 3.

“Any such licenses [from a corrective lottery] will be in addition to any licenses awarded based on the original lotteries,” the IDFPR release stated. “Thus, unless a court rules otherwise, the department does not intend to alter or change the results of the original lotteries when it conducts the corrective lotteries, but instead intends to award additional licenses where necessary to redress errors that resulted in the improper exclusion of applicant entries in the three original lotteries.”

Nonetheless, IDFPR cannot issue those 185 licenses unless Cook County Circuit Judge Moshe Jacobius lifts a standing court order blocking the

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