PORTLAND, Ore. — Two protesters were arrested Saturday after they refused to use the sidewalk and clear the road for traffic, according to Portland Police.

On Saturday Portland Police were dispatched to SE 82 Ave. and Foster Rd. where there were reports of several protesters marching on 82 Ave. in the street.

A protest against police brutality interrupted a town hall meeting just as a 100-year-old war veteran was being honored.

Dario Raschio was getting a medal from Senator Ron Wyden.

Protesters from Don’t Shoot PDX came to the town hall and started chanting.

Senator Wyden let their protest continue for a bit, before taking the microphone and asking everyone to quiet down.

Raschio finally was honored, but someone in the crowd shouted to interrupt him.

The protests got mixed reviews.

 “Democracy at its best,” said activist Joe Walsh. “The people took over a town hall meeting, can you imagine that.”

Senator Ron Wyden was frustrated, not only because the veteran’s ceremony had to pause for a protest, but also because a group of people opposing a trade agreement didn’t get their voice heard.

“Who brought literally hundreds of people with to talk about the trade issues that we’re important to them (didn’t get to voice their concerns)” said Senator Ron Wyden. 

Police asked the protesters to use the sidewalk and not obstruct the flow of traffic, but two people refused to move to the sidewalk.

36-year-old Katherine Moore and 51-year-old Malcom Chaddock were arrested for disorderly conduct in the second degree just after 10 p.m.

Two drivers of cars associated with the protesters were given citations for failing to yield to emergency vehicles and other violations after they intentionally blocked officers from responding to the scene.

The protesters who marched on the sidewalk from Portland Community College Southeast Campus at 82 Ave. and Division St. where they interrupted the event with U.S. Senator Ron Wyden.

There were no other arrests after protesters left campus around 4 p.m.

“Free speech” events do not require a permit, but marches in public streets do require a permit issued by the City of Portland to allow safety for drivers and pedestrians.

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