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One of the most worrisome trends for small cannabis retailers is that large multi-state operators (MSOs) are acquiring dispensary licenses from smaller businesses, bringing the big-box retailer mentality to cannabis—along with the capital and resources that come with such entities. 

The state of affairs has left many to wonder what options remain for small, locally-owned operators. But it turns out that smaller dispensaries have more opportunities than you might think. In fact, locally-owned dispensaries, like us at Oasis Cannabis, have several key advantages over MSOs. 

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1. Personalized customer service  

Small dispensaries’ most standout elements are personalized customer service and local flavor. 

Rather than looking at their patients as people, MSOs tend to make decisions purely on data, analytics, and strategy. Corporate entities often negate the nuances of hyper-localized demographics and consumer habits. 

Smaller dispensary chains have the unique opportunity to know their customers personally. In building a rapport with your clients, you can better understand their shopping patterns and cater to their needs. Personalized customer service leads to increased satisfaction and client retention. 

2. Community involvement 

Not only can small retail stores offer a more personalized

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