It’s not that you need to get dressed up to hit the Synchronicity Holistic Cannabis Dispensary in Carmel – after all, it is about relaxation. But if you happen to show up in a three-piece suit or an evening gown and gloves, you will not feel out of place.

Created by Valentia Valentine, and touted on its website as “Monterey Peninsula’s State-of-the-Art Cannabis Wellness Destination,” Synchronicity makes an impression of a fancy jewelry store. On the wall, a plaque showcases an article in Architectural Digest featuring Synchronicity, headline “Inside 12 of the Country’s Most Stylish Cannabis Dispensaries.”

The shiny black-and-white chessboard floors are not the only reason to visit the dispensary. Valentine’s vision includes a pharmacist on staff, a registered nurse and a restorative nurse’s assistant. One of them, RNA Jennifer Hewlett, is talking to a patient, who wants to know how her newly embraced cannabis intake could interact with the antidepressant she’s been on for years. Hewlett says no dangerous interaction is possible. At the same time, she advises the woman to drop the red wine because “the serotonin level will not get up due to the antidepressant” effects of wine.

A young man is next and his problem is he spends $200-$300

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