SAN JOSE, Calif., Nov. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ —  Airfield Supply Company — California’s leading vertically-integrated full-service dispensary brand — today announced the launch of its new flower company, AVIATION CANNABIS. Featuring the freshest indoor-grown whole-bud flower as well as pre-rolls, infused flower products, house-made concentrates, and cured resin vape cartridges, AVIATION CANNABIS combines premium small-batch indoor cultivation practices with sustainable packaging to deliver its flavor-first line of hand-trimmed strains, including exclusive heirloom genetics like the brand’s renowned strain of Jack Herer. Committed to developing flavor for flight tailored to customers’ experiential preferences, AVIATION additionally offers unique genetic cultivars including Tahoe OG, GSC Blue Cut, Skunkcello, 707 Headband, Jack Rabbit, Double Dream, Mac 1, Lightning Jack, and ROC OG in rotating harvests. Featuring the most sustainable and recyclable packaging available in the industry, and designed by the creative team who originally brought Airfield’s branding to life in 2015, AVIATION CANNABIS celebrates life’s adventures by prioritizing such desirable flower qualities as terpene and cannabinoid profiles, flavor, and Entourage Effects — rather than just THC percentage — at each harvest.

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Airfield Supply Co.’s new flower company

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