The chairman of the dispensary subcommittee of the Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission is recommending that dispensaries “resemble a pharmacy,” according to WSFA TV. Dr. Sam Blakemore, who has a pharmacy background, suggested that retailers must be certified and can have up to three locations.

“We’re going to have to be able to train certified dispensers to be able to pull the correct medicinal cannabis products that have been recommended by a physician. Fill that order correctly, make sure it’s verified appropriately against the patient registry, and then ensure that the physicians have been checked out.” Blakemore via WSFA TV

Blakemore warned that potential dispensers should not go into the endeavor to make money, rather for “a passion for helping people.”

The Medical Cannabis Commission will meet next week and is expected to elect a new executive director, WSFA reports. The commission was set up earlier this year after Alabama lawmakers approved a medical cannabis bill. In addition to setting up the commission, the law outlines qualifying conditions and what medical cannabis products can be sold in dispensaries.

Usable flower or cannabis vaping products will not be available in Alabama, nor will patients be allowed to cultivate cannabis in their

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