Toronto designer Paolo Ferrari has created the interiors for Alchemy, a marijuana dispensary that “rejects staid cannabis clichés” with mirrored ceilings and custom-made sniff jars connected to digital display screens.

Located in Downtown Toronto, the shop is the licensed flagship for Canadian-grown cannabis brand Alchemy.

Alchemy is a marijuana shop in Downtown Toronto

Ferrari designed the retail space to be an immersive and interactive experience that can also cope with Covid-19 restrictions.

Visitors are welcomed into an arrivals area decorated with a tree and a small landscaped garden, framed by scalloped floor tiles and lit from above like “a specimen in a laboratory”.

“For us, the store is somewhere between a laboratory and temple,” said Ferrari. “It is also about escapism, and experiencing something on a different plane.”

The waiting area contains a small indoor garden

Shoppers often have to wait before entering due to social distancing rules, so small screens embedded in the walls of the waiting area display kaleidoscopic visuals to entertain and distract them.

Customers can also pre-order online and pick up their purchases at a fast-tracked checkout.

A whitewashed ash table is inset with screens


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