All Creatures Great and Small airs Sundays at 8:00 pm and is available to stream. Recap the previous episode.

James is at his parents’ home in Glasgow for Easter, to his mother’s delight. While he’s there, he’s working at a professional veterinarian’s office replete with such modern tools as an x-ray machine. The vet offers him a permanent job in six months if he’d like it.

His mother certainly would, especially since she has picked up extra embroidery work to cover the loss of income caused by his father’s bad back. James doesn’t disabuse her of the idea that he’ll take the job.

For now, he returns to Yorkshire. Tristan picks him up at the train station and drives him straight to a job. One of the Bensons’ ewes is in labor. Siegfried meets James and Tristan at the farm and dispenses his customary criticism as James successfully delivers the lamb.

Tristan still works primarily in the dispensary, so James tries to convince Siegfried to give him more field work—even though Tristan is happy not having many responsibilities. Siegfried relents and tells Tristan to call on Mrs. Tompkin and her bird.

Mrs. Hall also wants Siegfried to start treating Tristan more equally. She has

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