DETROIT – The City of Detroit, Great Lakes Water Authority and DTE Energy are investigating an incident that happened in southwest Detroit late Saturday night.

Read: Cause of ‘strong odor’ reported in southwest Detroit under investigation

A strong odor is under investigation Sunday after an apparent underground explosion. The ground has shifted and cracked at Fort and Dearborn streets, near Woodmere Cemetery.

Residents are being asked to be cautious and to report any strong odors.

DTE Energy said natural gas is not to blame and that there is no evidence of a natural gas explosion. However, sources said part of DTE’s gas and electrical infrastructure was impacted by a water main break.

The apparent underground eruption happened Saturday night. The incident left a nearby dispensary with significant structural damage. Those inside the store at the time had no idea what was going on.

“The team was inside and basically we noticed the building starting to shift,” said Ashley Babcock, with Stash Detroit Medical Marijuana Dispensary. “It was time to evacuate the building, so the staff was evacuated.”

Even with the culmination of their hard work literally crumbled to the ground, management plans to move forward while the investigation continues.

“The building is not in good shape, so it’s

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