How CrimeDoor Uses Augmented Reality, Supporting Content To Recreate Crime Scenes

True crime is the most popular genre of content. That’s according to Emmy award-winning producer Neil Mandt and media veteran Lauren Mandt, the couple behind CrimeDoor, an augmented reality app that recreates crime scenes. In a discussion on how to provide victims of crime a voice, the Mandt’s unpacked their backgrounds and the motives behind CrimeDoor. Origin Story: The Mandts are media veterans. Neil, who is a five-time Emmy award-winning producer, director and technology entrepreneur, has written, directed and produced video during his time in media. He was a reporter in Detroit and then a producer for ABC. “I was in charge of the O.J. Simpson criminal trial, most notably, and the Oklahoma City bombing. Then, I came to Hollywood [and] started writing and directing feature films.” Lauren, on the other hand, worked mostly in spa and fashion marketing. “Neil and I met and combined forces. I was able to bring what I learned in marketing and branding to his production company.” Neil and Lauren Mandt. After a decade-long run in television, producing the Olympics, Super Bowl, IndyCar, and New Year’s Eve, among other events, Neil moved over to immersive

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