NBA guard Dion Waiters of the Miami Heat has been suspended for using weed gummies after he suffered a panic attack on a flight from Phoenix to Los Angeles. And, according to sources, he’s remaining tight-lipped about the source of his stash, who is reportedly another player from the Heat.

News of the story first broke on Friday, when South Florida Fox Sports Radio host Andy Slater reported that Waiters had experienced a reaction to a cannabis edible that he had taken before the flight.

“Waiters overdosed on ‘gummies,’ sources say, and was passed out when [the] plane landed,” Slater said. “He had a seizure when he was finally woken up, I’m told.”

But on Saturday, ESPN reported that Waiters had actually experienced a panic attack on the chartered flight following Thursday’s game with the Phoenix Suns.

“Waiters missed the game in Phoenix because of a stomachache and was seeking relief when he took an edible he was unfamiliar with,” reported ESPN, citing unnamed sources.

After the team landed in Los Angeles on Thursday night, Waiters was taken to the hospital for treatment. He subsequently missed Friday’s game against the Lakers.

No Snitchin’

Sportswriter Shams Charania tweeted on Sunday that

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