Behind the Portland photo 'Above the Clouds' –

How the photographer got the cool foggy Portland shot

Katherine Cook, KGW Staff
4:16 p.m. PST January 29, 2015

“What a shot!”

It’s the reaction many are having to a new photo of Portland’s downtown skyline, enveloped in fog.

Portland photographer, Michael Cary Arellano, took the picture from Pittock Mansion on January 25.

Arellano created the panoramic by stitching together several long exposure shots.At the time, he said he wasn’t sure how it would turn out.

“I think every photographer is their own worst critic,” said Arellano (pictured below).

The photo, titled “Above the Clouds,” is generating high praise.

“I must say that this is the best panoramic image of Portland I have ever seen,” said Oregonian photographer Bruce Ely, who first featured Arellano’s photo in this post.

“This is one of those rare photos where it just makes you happy,” said Arellano.

For now, Arellano is selling the photo exclusively on metal canvas, in various sizes.

“The image is printed directly on an aluminum sheet, so it’s really high gloss,” said Arellano.

To view or purchase Arellano’s work, visit his website:

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