Do you like vaping? Great, that means that you probably are looking for a place to get some delta-8 carts for a reasonable price.

If you have spent a little bit of time searching the internet, you will know that there are a whole lot of options in delta 8 cartridges.

Good news, we made you a top 5 of the companies selling the best delta-8 carts online right now. For beginners, we will also have a section near the end with some general questions and a guide on how you can best get started with a proper dosage.

We give you the important points in the pros and cons sections for the companies themselves, that we will elaborate further in the descriptions.

Top 5 Best Delta-8 Carts & THC Cartridges In 2022Exhale Well: Overall Best Delta 8 Carts Christmas Gifts PackBudpop: Most Potent Weed Gifts For SmokersHollyweedCBD: Premium Quality THC CartridgesDiamondCBD: Best Flavoured Delta 8 Cartridges For Stoners3Chi: Best Value Organic Hemp-Derived THC Carts

Here are the detailed reviews of our top picks:

#1. Exhale Well:Overall Best Delta 8 Carts Christmas Gifts Pack

We wanted to start things off right, and if you are looking for some high-quality delta 8

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