In their July 15 meeting, the Bethel Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on whether to grant a conditional use permit for a new marijuana store. It will also hold a public hearing to consider changing laws governing bed and breakfasts in Bethel. 

The proposed dispensary, called Good Vibes, would sit across the street from the fire department. The store would be co-owned by two men from Bethel: Brian Glasheen and Alex Wasierski. Wasierski sits on the planning commission. City code requires commission members to recuse themselves from participating in discussions in which they have a vested personal financial interest. 


In May, the planning commission was slated to hold a public hearing to consider a separate conditional use permit for a proposed marijuana store located in Q2. The commission tabled that public hearing and the applicant, Kalla Peacock, expressed his frustration with the decision. He said that he was the second person in Bethel to apply for a conditional use permit, and still has not received it. He said that he expects to have a public hearing next month.


Bethel has two marijuana stores already, and the owners are against allowing a third store to open, saying that it

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