CANNABIS CULTURE – And they aren’t the only ones unlocking the miracles and mysteries of industrial hemp.

“It’s the music that makes me happy. The songs. The source,” said John Grado, creator of the world’s first hemp wood headphones. “I like to work. I like what I do.”

John, the owner of Brooklyn-based Grado Labs was a child of the 60’s, and says he was intrigued by the story of hemp, and genuinely curious about how it would sound. “We’d feel bad if we never tried it but then we did, and my God it turned out really good.”

Wood has always played a part in the creation of instrumental sound, ranging from Steinway Pianos to Martin Guitars. The first pair of Grado wooden headphones were made from mahogany, but since then they have used anything from whiskey barrels to fallen trees in Brooklyn.  

About two years ago, John and his sons thought about giving hemp wood a try and were pleasantly surprised by the outcome. They sourced it from Kentucky-based HempWood, the world’s first producer of hemp wood.

“We kind of look at each headphone as a recipe,” says John. Like all expert chefs, John knows experimentation is

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