California just signed a new law into effect that will consolidate the state’s cannabis programs into one department. 

This was done to help simplify regulatory oversight and make access to licenses more clear and straightforward for those seeking to find them. 

It would consolidate the three agencies that already exist to regulate legal cannabis in the state, which are the Bureau of Cannabis Control, CalCannabis within the Department of Food and Agriculture as well as the Cannabis Manufacturing branch within the Department of Public Health into just one, single agency, the new Department of Cannabis Control.

This bill, Assembly Bill 141, also known as the “governor’s trailer bill,” is being backed by Governor Gavin Newsom. 

This program, if it becomes official, would extend the lifespan of the provisional licensing program to allow provisional permits. These will be able to be renewed until January 1, 2025. It would also allow for trade samples of cannabis products to be shared among businesses, addressing another issue the industry is currently facing. 

“This bill would require the Department of Cannabis Control to provide information on its internet website related to the status of every license issued by the department, including the county of a licensee’s address of record,” the

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