Being alifelong member of the cannabis community means inevitably overdoing it onoccasion. 

Asksome and they’ll tell you there’s no such thing as being too high.Others arguing the exact opposite.  Inany case, there comes the time in the life of every seasoned stoner when youneed to get un-high as quickly as possible.

It couldbe that you’ve overdone it before an important engagement of some kind. Orperhaps you could do with having all of your five senses firing on allcylinders for a planned activity or excursion. In any case, you’re acutelyaware of the fact that you’re completely wasted and have limited time to getyour feet back on the ground.

Atroubling scenario to find yourself in, but one that presents a fair fewavenues to explore.

Getting Un-High with More Cannabis…?

One ofwhich being to do the opposite of what seems sensible at the time – consumeeven more cannabis. Hardly the firstlogical solution that comes to mind, but one that can nonetheless make a bigdifference.

In thiscase, we’re talking about cannabis with a high CBDcontent and as little THC as possible. Or perhaps,a pure and/or concentrated CBD product that contains next to no THC whatsoever.If you know your cannabis, you’ll know that CBD is the

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