Police in Hamilton, Ontario raided four cannabis dispensaries on Thursday, closing the pot shops down and leaving them secured with new locks. City and provincial police raided all four locations of the Georgia Peach chain of dispensaries, according to media reports. Law enforcement officers arrested 25 people and have filed 50 criminal charges following the raids.

Local police and officers from an Ontario provincial enforcement team tasked with enforcing regulations against unlicensed cannabis retailers served search warrants at the four locations simultaneously on Thursday afternoon. The raids occurred at the Georgia Peach shops on George, Dundurn, and Upper James Streets. Deputy Chief Dan Kinsella of the Hamilton Police Department said that before leaving the raided shops, officers changed the locks and installed surveillance equipment to prevent the dispensaries from reopening.

“That involves alarming the premises and putting up the appropriate signage to let everybody know Hamilton police are now in possession of the premises,” said Kinsella. “The doors are locked and barred.”

Total of 14 Dispensaries Closed in Hamilton

Including the Georgia Peach stores, six unlicensed dispensaries in Hamilton have now been closed by police. Earlier this month, police served a search warrant at the Haze dispensary on King Street East. That

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