On October 17, 2018, cannabis became legal for all adults across Canada. But already, some Canadian citizens are finding their right to cannabis stripped by workplace policies that prohibit off-duty cannabis use. The Toronto Police Service and Air Canada have already implemented bans on off-duty cannabis consumption. And this week, the Ontario government’s mass transit agency Metrolinx announced a similar ban. Going forward, Metrolinx is prohibiting all workers in “safety sensitive” positions from consuming cannabis, even on their off time.

Metrolinx Says Private Off-the-Clock Cannabis Consumption Violates “Fit for Duty” Policy

Metrolinx is a regional transit agency in Ontario that employs more than 3,700 people. And now, some of those workers are facing an ultimatum: stop consuming cannabis or find another job. On Monday, Metrolinx announced an update to its “Fit for Duty” policy. The policy update added a ban on cannabis consumption by employees “in safety sensitive positions.”

But the ban isn’t just against consuming cannabis at work or clocking in under the influence of marijuana. The ban also applies to an employee whether they’re at work or not, on duty or off. “Recognizing the safety-sensitive nature of Metrolinx’s operations and workplace, the Fit for Duty policy establishes Metrolinx’s

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