What makes a good weed dealer? You might say the quality of the product, or consistent availability. Maybe the variety, price breaks, delivery, or a free session or sample makes them great. Regardless, there’s one thing we can all agree too: a good dealer gives you what you paid for. On Oct. 17, the Canadian government essentially became the country’s largest, legal purveyor of cannabis. In fact, in some provinces, government-run weed stores are the only game in town. But already, Canadians are reporting a problem. Dispensaries are incorrectly weighing weed, and not in the good way of giving you a heavy bag or rounding up a gram. Rather, some government-stores, customers say, are violating the cardinal rule of selling weed: not shorting your clientele.

Canadian Cannabis Consumers Say Government-Run Shops are Coming Up Short

First, it was a social media post in Nova Scotia. Then, another in New Brunswick, and another in Prince Edward Island. And soon, lots of cannabis consumers were posting pictures and videos of their cannabis purchases from government-run stores. But the posts weren’t excitement over legal access to weed, or weed porn of top-shelf flower. Instead, they were posts of people putting their weed on

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