A new report from cannabis market data analyst Headset shows that cannabis beverage sales continue to grow in North America and new trends indicate that the sector may be poised for gains in market share. Headset’s industry report for March focusing on cannabis beverages was released last week and is available online as a free download.

In the report, Headset notes that many cannabis industry analysts have been expecting big gains for the beverage sector since the company began collecting and reporting on data from the legal marijuana industry in 2015. But sales data have shown that the bold predictions have failed to pan out.

“Over the last five years, beverage market share has maintained about 1% of total recreational cannabis sales, with sales to the category growing at roughly the same pace as the total market,” Headset wrote in the introduction to the report.

“But today, for the first time in a long time, our Headset analysts are bullish on beverages,” the report continues. “Between advancements in THC infusion technology, and a myriad of new brands catering to the occasional, low-dose consumer, there is a lot of reason to believe in the growth potential of this category.”

In Canada, beverage sales have grown

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