More Americans are legally using marijuana than ever before. The medicinal and recreational cannabis industry continues to expand rapidly across the country.

Much of this has been fueled by new state laws and evolving attitudes towards cannabis. As of February 2021, marijuana is entirely legal for recreational use in 16 states, while 43 states recognize the legal use of at least some form of medical marijuana. As a result, there is an increasing demand for qualified cannabis experts in this fast-growing industry. This article will focus on one profession that is in particularly high demand for marijuana dispensaries across the country, the Cannabis Dispensary Technician (or Budtender).

Continue reading to learn more about what a budtender is, their roles and responsibilities, current salaries in the industry, and how Cannabis Career’s new program is preparing eager cannabis enthusiasts to launch their careers in this rewarding field.

What is a Budtender?Courtesy of Cannabis Careers

“Budtender” is the more informal—and hip—term used to refer to a cannabis dispensary technician.

A budtender is a multifaceted sales professional with expert knowledge of cannabis and cannabis products. They educate customers about the health benefits of various cannabis strains and marijuana products while also providing them information about cannabis usage, dosage, safety

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