At 12:01 p.m. on November 12, Massachusetts’ emergency ban on medical cannabis vaping products expired. But in its place, the state’s Cannabis Control Commission immediately instituted a quarantine of all medical marijuana vaping devices and products, with the exception of devices that vape flower. Officials with the Cannabis Control Commission say the quarantine isn’t as far-reaching as the Department of Public Health ban that a state judge ruled exceeded the agency’s authority. However, the state’s ban on nicotine vape products and recreational cannabis vape products remains in place.

As Ban Expires, Massachusetts’ Cannabis Control Commission Blocks Sale of Medical Cannabis Vapes

Last Tuesday, Massachusetts Superior Court judge Douglas Wilkins blocked Gov. Charlie Baker’s administration from enforcing its emergency ban on medical marijuana vaping products. The authority to regulate medical marijuana, Wilkins ruled, belongs entirely to the state’s Cannabis Control Commission.

Medical marijuana vaping products, along with nicotine-based vaping products like e-cigarettes and recreational cannabis vape products like THC cartridges, were all banned under emergency regulations Gov. Baker and the Department of Public Health filed in late September.

The blanket ban on vaping devices came as a response to the nationwide rash of vape-linked illnesses and deaths that hospitalized thousands with

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