As Worcester County has almost twice the number of cannabis licenses than the next highest county, Central Massachusetts residents have included cannabis in their holiday shopping.

In November 2018, Cultivate was one of the first cannabis shops to open recreationally in the city. Cultivate district manager Evan Pierce said the holiday season from Thanksgiving through the New Year is especially busy for dispensaries like Cultivate.

Over the past couple of weeks, Pierce said he estimates Cultivate saw 1½ times its normal sale activity, with an additional increase in foot traffic.

He credits this to “cannabis tourism,” as those visiting family might be coming from out-of-state where legal cannabis is unobtainable. Pierce said he thinks these visitors take advantage of dispensaries when visiting family in Massachusetts, whether they’re buying for themselves or others.

“Recreationally it’s legal to gift marijuana, so with us a lot of people were buying a single pack of gummies or topicals so that they could give them to that one family member that’s always been curious but never wanted to go try it,” Pierce said. “So there’s a little bit of canna-curiosity in gifting there.”