Your favorite marijuana shops are turning to armed security, high-tech glass, and even AI to stave off a surge of robberies amidst conspicuously slow-footed action from law enforcement.

If you own a small business in San Francisco and you get robbed, you can run to a local TV news outlet who will breathlessly trumpet the crime and how the whole city is going to hell with Chesa Boudin as district attorney. If your business sells $5,000 handbags or Swarovski crystals, you can expect police on the scene within seconds and beefed up law enforcement presence for weeks.

This is not the case for cannabis dispensaries. We already knew that Grove Street dispensary BASA was robbed in November and police seemingly just sat and watched. But the Examiner reports on a huge surge in dispensary burglaries, and that “In November, at least 175 shots were fired in the course of over 25 burglaries targeting cannabis businesses in the Bay Area,” and “In the past two weeks alone, seven cannabis businesses in Bayview have been burglarized without a single arrest made.”

There is a sense among legal cannabis proprietors that the police could care less about protecting and serving their stores that sell the formerly

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