Now you can buy cannabis at Holistic Industries’ Liberty dispensaries the same way you buy coffee at Starbucks (NASDAQ:SBUX): on your phone and with rewards.

The Cash Issue

A majority of the cannabis industry seems to think that cannabis consumers should be able to buy products without having to carry cash or pay an ATM fee at a dispensary. However, due to lingering Federal prohibition, that convenience remains nearly impossible.

Seeking to address this issue, Holistic Industries spent the last several months focusing on the development of a platform that would keep customers and employees safe by allowing for cashless transactions. At the same time, they needed to tackle the regulatory hurdles associated with communicating directly with customers through SMS or social media and to differentiate themselves from other retailers with consumer incentives.

The solution to all of those challenges became available last week with the introduction of Liberty Wallet, a cashless payment and rewards app designed specifically around patients’ and customers’ needs.

“Loyalty programs are usually designed to secure customer loyalty for the business, but we built Liberty Wallet so we can be loyal to our customers,” said John Brown, CTO and CIO of Holistic Industries. “In addition to addressing the industry-wide issue

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