I am writing this now, a month after the Mexican Senate virtually ignored (yes, ignored) the social and business mandate to regulate recreational and industrial cannabis. Yes, it took me almost a whole month to calm myself enough so as to write a post that did not sound like a mere rant. Do not get me wrong, I know full well that Congress’ only obligation under the Supreme Court mandate was to regulate cannabis cultivation and consumption for personal use, but for a long time members of Congress openly stated that they would try to create a framework to provide for the creation of a cannabis industry. More importantly, as I have publicly said before, with these kinds of non-transparent, last-minute decisions, the country projects instability to domestic and foreign businesspeople alike and across various areas of the economy, not just those touching upon cannabis.

At the moment of writing this post, I do not know for certain when the Cannabis Law bill will be discussed again. There are some who say that “there is still political will to legalize cannabis”. Reality tells me otherwise. Even if, as I have heard here so far, the Cannabis Law bill will simply

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