The Post-Journal, Thursday November 18, 2021 — Drug overdoses (over 100,000) now surpass deaths from guns, car crashes and even flu and pneumonia.

The Post-Journal, Thursday December 9, 2021–Jamestown City Council Will Not Opt Out (of marijuana dispensaries).

It was very disappointing to find out that City Council did not care to hear from residents. The boldness is disturbing. This is what happens when the majority is silent. Our city is decaying from the outskirts in. People must voice their opinions or it’s going to worsen. Drugs and crime go hand in hand.

The idea that Increased tax revenue will be generated is not true. Tax is a four letter word. No one wants to pay sales taxes. People will grow it, drive to the Reservation and purchase it, or buy on the black market and sell it. It will be more potent and probably will be laced with fentangle. Smoke it once and you are hooked or dead!

The argument that drug decriminalization or legalization, will generate net revenue is not supported by evidence. Evidence has demonstrated that both decriminalization and legalization of illicit drugs would increase their use, along with their associated

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