Tensions are high between cannabis dispensaries and the SF police department, after cops seemingly watched a dispensary get robbed without taking action, but the Department of Police Accountability says it’s launching a probe.

A very curious oddity in the ongoing discourse about SF smash-and-grab robberies and the “let’s beef up the police force” sentiment is how some cannabis dispensaries feel that police just don’t do jack anyway, at least when it comes to their storefronts. A late November break-in at the BASA Collective on Grove Street stood out because police seemingly just stood and watched the robbery, an incident detailed pretty starkly on security video. Just a couple weeks later, the Examiner reported that in the span of two weeks, “seven cannabis businesses in Bayview [had] been burglarized without a single arrest made.”

You won’t be surprised to hear that marijuana dispensary owners feel they are shut out by police, a singular sector that is given basically zero priority by law enforcement. But the Chronicle reports that the Department of Police Accountability is launching an investigation into the BASA incident. This was disclosed at a December 28 meeting between police and dispensary owners, where the Chron reports, “frustrations simmered during a meeting

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