ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – The City of Elmira will join the Villages of Bath and Watkins Glen as the handful of Southern Tier communities that will not opt-out of the pending marijuana laws allowing dispensaries and on-site consumption.

“We’re staying in,” confirmed Elmira Mayor Dan Mandell.

Elmira will be one of the few communities in Chemung County opting-in on both marijuana laws. The Village and Town of Horseheads decided to opt-out of the on-site consumption but will allow dispensaries.

In November Mandell told 18 News that it “wouldn’t make any sense for us to opt-out” as other communities went forward with declining dispensaries and on-site consumption.

Mandell said in discussions with local leaders and community members the support for marijuana is high due to the tax revenue benefits.

Village of Bath opting-in to marijuana dispensaries, on-site consumption

The Town of Elmira decided to opt-out of the marijuana laws, meaning the city would receive the full tax revenue if a dispensary were to open.

Mandell said it would “behoove” those who smoke marijuana to purchase it from a heavily regulated dispensary compared to on a street corner or the black market.

“The black market dealer, you don’t

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