In order to raise money for a good and worthy cause—the Colorado Disability Funding Committee—Colorado is auctioning off a series of cannabis-themed license plates to the highest bidder in honor of 420 and the cannabis acceptance the state is known for.

Specifically, the funding from the cannabis-themed license plates auction will go to fund disability application assistance and other programs that can help improve the quality of life and all-around health for the Colorado disability community, something that is especially needed now. 

Lucky bidders will have access to 14 custom stoner phrases, including “BONG,” GANJA,” “TEGRIDY,”  ‘ISIT420” and “HASH.”

Success For Cannabis-Themed License Plates

So far, the mission to raise money using cannabis license plate rights has been a huge success. The “ISIT420” plate, at the time of this writing, was going for $6,500. Bids will keep coming in until 4:20 p.m. on April 20 of this year. 

“Colorado is proud of our creativity and ingenuity. We’ve been a leader in the cannabis space for over a decade and this effort allows us to fund critical projects and programs in our disability community,” said Governor Jared Polis. As a liberal Democrat, Polis has long been a proponent of legal cannabis, which was already established and

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