A four-page warning will not be required with every sale of retail marijuana concentrate in Colorado, as previously suggested by the state, but advertisements for such products will be getting more fine print.

The Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division‘s new commercial pot rules included a requirement that by January 1, 2022, all marijuana concentrate sales be accompanied by a printed educational resource concerning potential health and public-safety risks connected to extracted THC. When the 476 pages of updates were released in November, the MED didn’t say whether the pamphlet had to be provided for all concentrate sales, or could simply be available to the customer.

The pamphlet and its required content were adopted as part of House Bill 1317, which created new restrictions for marijuana concentrates, including wax, shatter, bubble hash, kief, live resin, rosin vaporizer cartridges and all other combustible extracted THC products. Although the majority of the law’s new restrictions only involve medical marijuana and MMJ patients, the educational resource rules for marijuana concentrate apply to both recreational and medical customers, and marijuana businesses will have to pay for the production of the pamphlets.

After the MED’s regulatory updates were released in November, marijuana extractors worried not only about having to

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