Competition heats up for medical marijuana dispensaries –

Retail pot stores could open in October

Kyle Iboshi, KGW Staff
8 p.m. PDT July 3, 2015

PORTLAND, Ore. — The number of medical marijuana dispensaries has grown dramatically over the past few months. Licensed dispensaries outnumber liquor stores in Portland almost three-to-one.

Soon, those dispensaries may be able to sell to any adult.

An Oregon bill is now sitting on the governor’s desk that would allow medical marijuana dispensaries to begin selling retail pot to the public on October 1.

Background: Oregon House approves Oct. 1 start for marijuana sales

Right now, those dispensaries can only sell to patients with a medical marijuana card.

“It’s going to help out a lot of shops, a lot of businesses,” said Nyno Thol, co-owner of Brother’s Cannabis Club.

The dispensary on Southeast Division Street has been providing medical marijuana to patients for nearly six years. Brother’s Cannabis now finds itself surrounded by competition.

“There are so many options around,” said Thol. “In this block alone you can walk around and probably hit four different dispensaries.”

Currently, there are at least 97 medical marijuana dispensaries in Portland, compared to 35 liquor stores.

Dispensaries are voluntarily listed on the Oregon Health Authority website. Under state law, dispensaries do not have to publicly disclose their location.

The owner of Brother’s Cannabis Club figures time will tell if the marijuana market can support this many stores.

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