A theft from a Four Corners medical marijuana dispensary vehicle led to kidnapping charges for the owner’s cousin, who attempted to retrieve the stolen thousands of dollars from an employee he believed had stolen the cash.

William Brad Purcell, 63, of Missoula, was arrested for aggravated kidnapping and held without bond.

It started on the afternoon of May 27 at Top Shelf Botanicals, 156 Zoot Way.

The victim told a sheriff’s deputy he had a scheduled meeting with Purcell and an unidentified man, when he was suddenly put in a chokehold; beaten; bound up with a towel, plastic wrap and duct tape; and put in a chair in a corner. Purcell, the owner’s cousin, apparently believed he was responsible for a large amount of missing money; the victim said it had disappeared from a company vehicle he had been driving, but that he didn’t take it. According to court records, the two men then threatened to kill him, break his legs, waterboard him, attack his genitals with pliers, and to attack his wife and newborn child.

The two left for a bit, and the victim managed to untie himself and escape by outrunning the two men. Purcell later told the

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