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Deputy City Attorney Wade Nyberg, Interim Community Development Director Vicki Fisher, and Assistant City Attorney Carla Cushman answer questions about the licensing ordinance for medical marijuana facilities Tuesday morning.

Siandhara Bonnet Siandhara Bonnet

Medical marijuana dispensaries, cultivation, manufacturing and testing facilities would each need a license from the city that could cost $5,000.

The council will consider the ordinance that sets the fee amount along with the number of dispensaries and dispensary requirements at its Wednesday working session and Monday night council meeting.

“The fee is something that can go up or down based on what we’re noticing,” Assistant City Attorney Carla Cushman said. “It’s impossible to know what things will cost before we do them, and that’s what medical cannabis is. We’ve never done this.”

For the first year, businesses would pay the $5,000, which is broken down to $1,500 for the nonrefundable application fee and $3,500 for the license itself. Licenses would need to be renewed each year with a $5,000 renewal fee.

Cushman said there’s going to be some city costs to screen

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