[UPDATED] The City Council is considering a plan that would allow more than one cannabis dispensary in each of the council’s seven districts.

According to a public hearing notice, the City Council on April 12 will vote to amend its cannabis law to decrease distance requirements between cannabis dispensaries from 1,000 feet to 450 feet.

The amendment would not change the six-dispensary limit approved by the voters in Measure CC. 

“It clearly is the opposite of all of the distance separation arguments made by the city in favor of Measure CC to assure residents on how they were taking a cautious approach to protect neighborhoods,” said local attorney Richard McDonald. 

In 2019, the City Council shot down an effort to amend the city’s cannabis ordinance when it tabled a motion that would have changed the law to allow up to three dispensaries to operate in each of the city’s council districts.

Local residents opposed amendments to the ordinance back then with 41 letters opposing the changes and one letter in support of the amendments proposed by City Manager Steve Mermell.

“I strongly oppose the proposed zoning code amendments to the city cannabis regulations,” said Jane Laudeman in a letter

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