A new cannabis bill, House Bill 150, just advanced out of a Delaware House committee and is headed to a full vote on the House floor. If this bill passes, it will mean legal cannabis is on the way for Delaware. 

The House Health & Human Development Committee approved the bill this week after hours of discussions, and now, it is headed to a full vote hopefully in April or May. If House Bill 150 becomes law, it will allow those 21 and up to buy one ounce of recreational cannabis at a time from licensed stores. There will also be a 15 percent sales tax.

Under this law, like many other states, using cannabis in public or in a vehicle will be against the law, and employers can prohibit cannabis use if they prefer. There will also be no home growing allowed, and individual cities and counties could opt out of allowing cannabis facilities. Cannabis would be regulated like alcohol under the Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Enforcement.

Many spoke out in front of the House in support of legal cannabis, and some spoke up about concerns regarding how it will impact the community or the already existing medical cannabis program. Many

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