HIGH DRAMA was witnessed at a vaccination centre in Government Homeopathic Dispensary, Sector 27, when the medical staff expressed their inability to continue jabbing people after the scheduled time of 3 pm, enraging the people standing in queues for a long time on Monday.

Arguments were exchanged between staff members and people who came for the second dose.
Force from the area police beat and police station was summoned. Once the medical staff members had turned off the lights of the dispensary but when people got agitated, they turned on the lights assuring them that they would be vaccinated. Later, all of them were vaccinated in the presence of police personnel.

A source said, “The rush at the dispensary increased all of a sudden around 2 pm because people from Bapu Dham Colony, Sector 26, and from Grain Market, Sector 26, rushed to the Sector 27 dispensary for vaccination. People argued that when they entered the dispensary, there was no one to tell them that vaccination would be carried out till 3 pm. There was no one to stop the people from entering the vaccination after 3 pm. And after 3 pm, the staff members all of a sudden stopped

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