Denver is expanding Alzheimer’s research through the efforts of local company MedPharm. 

The company plans to move forward with research efforts through a special Schedule I Researcher Licenses given specifically to the company by the Drug Enforcement Administration.

“We’re interested in how cannabinoids affect the nervous system, the brain, and in particular, we’re very interested in Alzheimer’s disease,” said Dr. Tyrell Towle, director of chemistry and extraction at MedPharm.

Through their work and research, Towle hopes that MedPharm researchers will discover which cannabinoids can be helpful in preventing Alzheimer’s or treating symptoms. This is the first time a research license for this type of work has been granted outside of state and city research licenses to study cannabis. 

“When you’re talking about wanting to do an actual clinical trial, you need a diversity of people that participate and one state just does not have the diversity of people that are required,” Towle said.

Denver Company Moves Forward with Research License 

Thanks to the new DEA research license, MedPharm will now be able to supply investigational medications across state lines for the purpose of clinical trials. They will also be able to partner on their research with other labs and possibly even apply for government grants. 

“The doors

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