A recent article in the Explorer gauges local government officials’ openness to the possibility of hosting recreational marijuana dispensaries in their communities. The response was lukewarm, at best, and most interviewed were resistant to the idea.

From the article:

“The governor’s office is projecting that the adult-use cannabis market could reach $4 billion statewide upon maturity and generate up to $350 million annually in tax revenue. The Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act (MRTA) establishes the local excise tax on the sale of cannabis products at 4% of the products’ price. Counties would receive 25% of the local retail tax revenue while 75% would go to each municipality hosting a dispensary.

While the potential tax revenue sounds alluring for a region that struggles to lure commercial ventures, town officials contacted for this article universally said it was too soon to tell if their town would be willing to host a cannabis retail dispensary.”

I’d like to hear your thoughts on this. Should Adirondack communities jump on board with this potential cash crop? Or “just say no”?

Weigh in below. I’ll be looking for answers that we can possibly feature in our “It’s Debatable” feature that runs in Adirondack Explorer magazine (and on this site), so please put

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