The laws concerning cannabis continue to evolve, with states all over the country bringing in either medical marijuana, or full legal recreational use. Whether you live in a mature market or an emerging one, there is still room to get involved. This is what marketers and owners of dispensaries in Seattle, San Francisco, Oklahoma City, and other places had to say about what makes a cannabis business a success.

1. Create the products you want to see.

Writing in High Times, Saucey Farms founder Alex Todd said not to chase the money. Instead, he said that successful product creators are the ones who create the things they wish existed. If you are not creating something that you would use yourself, why would anyone else buy it?

By focusing on creating what you would want to use yourself, you can be sure that you are making the best possible product. This sort of passion gets other people excited about your brand, as well.

2. Learn what your customers want.

Some customers only like to purchase flower. Others are more interested in edibles, shatter, vape products, or CBD-only products. Understanding their needs can help you address them.

When you are creating customer lists, be sure to segment your

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