CANNABIS CULTURE – “Wasting of the muscles, sallowness of the skin, hebetude of the mind, interference with coordination, failure of the appetite, convulsive seizures, loss of strength, and idiotic offspring, seem, from all accounts, to be the uniform result of the long-continued use of this drug.”                                                 

– Dr. H. H. Kane, regarding “The Hashisch Habit”, from “Drugs That Enslave”, 1881, p. 218

A few weeks ago I had received an email from my friend and fellow drug historian Michael Horowitz. He included an attachment of an old copy of “The Marijuana Review” from 1971 – the same year I was born.

The Marijuana Review was a clipping zine that Michael Aldrich – the first person in the United States to get a degree in marijuana history – would use to circulate interesting historical facts about cannabis and other drugs. This particular issue was devoted to reprinting an article from Harper’s New Monthly Magazine, from their November 1883 edition – “A Hashish House in New York – The Curious Adventures of an Individual Who Indulged

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