The East Dubuque City Council has discussed whether to make an exception to a city ordinance to allow additional cannabis dispensaries in the city. City Manager Loras Herrig told the council that five licenses recently were awarded for adult-use cannabis dispensaries in the northwest Illinois non–metropolitan district. Of those five, two licensees are actively talking to the city about potentially opening locations in East Dubuque. There is one dispensary currently operates in the city, called “The Dispensary East Dubuque.”  The city’s current ordinance requires a 15,000-foot distance between dispensaries, precluding a second one within city limits. The ordinance, enacted in March at The Dispensary’s request, does permit exceptions depending on extenuating circumstances, at the sole discretion of the East Dubuque City Council. Dan Dolan, owner of The Dispensary, asked the council not to grant an exception. His understanding is that exceptions would be made only if local residents secured a dispensary license. 

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