One trend that has been making waves in the food industry is the rise of edible CBD products. Touting a long list of uses and benefits, CBD has garnered a lot of hype. Some have found that it is an effective natural remedy for certain conditions such as pain or anxiety, according to Verywell Health. Others enjoy using CBD as a sleep aid.

Despite its growing use, CBD remains somewhat controversial. This may be due to skepticism regarding its benefits, or worries about abuse. Some have concerns about its legality or safety. Much of this is still in flux as new products enter the market and the government continues to research CBD.

For those who haven’t tried it yet, CBD will likely raise many questions. It’s a good idea to educate yourself about CBD and what to expect prior to experimenting with new CBD products. With so many options available now, doing a little homework will help you get started. Whether you’re trying to find out what CBD is, or just trying to decide which edible product to try first, you’ll find answers here.

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