Between them, cousins Keena Middleton, Eric Grayson, and Charles “CT” Toney II have pretty much seen it all. As longtime San Franciscans, the three have stuck together through the loss of loved ones, periods of mental illness, and the long grind towards opening the first recreational dispensary in the Park Merced area.

Even the name of their new venture is a testament to hardship and perseverance. 

“Flight is a brand that I came up with many, many years ago, after my mom passed,” Grayson explains during a recent call with SF Weekly. “It’s a tribute to my mom. She got cancer, and before she passed, we took her all around the world.” 

Family is a key tenet of everything Flight strives to be. Though Toney is technically the one who holds the social equity license, all three cousins each individually meet the criteria. As someone with a traditional (unlicensed) grow, it was Grayson who gathered the trio together to propose they join forces on a fully legit effort.

“I was still doing street shit and bringing it around my cousins while they were doing positive stuff,” Grayson says. “It just got to the point where it was like, no

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