July 19, 2021

The village of Fife Lake held their village council meeting Monday night to discuss the possibility of a marijuana dispensary opening in the area.

The dispensary’s investor gave details on the possible location, which would be a new building off the roundabout on US-131 leading into the area.

They plan to have both recreational and medical sales.

And while this location does pass the regulations requiring it to be 1000 feet from a school or church, there are still mixed feelings from the community.

“It’s all wonderful, it’s perfume on a pig, beautiful building whatever, but you know what, it just leaves a stigma, its an ugh, and we have prime location there,” said Fife Lake President Sydney Manner.

“I think the positives clearly outweigh the negatives, the stigmas that you’re speaking of, I have no clue what those are,” said Dale McGee, a resident of Fife Lake. “This is a non-consumption area, it’ll do nothing but good things for the community.”

The village will continue to obtain more community input before making a decision.

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