PORTLAND, Ore. – Firefighters put out a fire at what looks like a large-scale marijuana grow operation in Southeast Portland early Friday morning.

No one was inside the home on Southeast Lincoln Street, and officials at the scene said it didn’t look like anyone had been living at the house.

“We initially thought it to be a hoarder house – what we call a heavy contents house. But after [firefighters] got in and knocked the fire down and got the smoke level up they noticed there were an inordinate number of pot plants growing inside,” said Battalion Chief Mike Traeger.

Electrical cords and other grow op supplies made it hazardous for crews to fight the fire. They managed to douse the flames in just over a half an hour.

There were no reports of injuries.

Officials are still working to find out what caused the fire, however Batt. Chief Traeger said it was likely related to growing marijuana.

“It takes a lot of electricity to grow pot, so maybe it wasn’t really done in a safe way and there might have been a short.”

Police investigators say the house fire is now a crime scene.

“It appears as if the sole purpose of the house was to grow pot, so there’s a lot in there,” Batt. Chief Traeger said.“I’m not really familiar with the law but there’s probably a limit to the number of pot plants you can grow.”  |  What’s Legal With Weed?

This is a developing story; updates will be posted as information comes in.

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