PORTLAND, Ore. – The spontaneous combustion of some oily or greasy rags early Friday morning caused a fire that destroyed a snack shop inside a Southeast Portland bowling alley.

Crews were called out before 2 a.m. Friday on reports of a fire at AMF Pro 300 Lanes on Powell Boulevard.

“When we showed up we had flames coming from two windows of the bowling alley, with one room that was going pretty good,” said A.J. Schaffer of Portland Fire & Rescue.

That room was the bowling alley’s snack shop, according to fire officials. Crews carried a hose line into the area and extinguished the fire. One firefighter stepped through a hole burned in the floor, but no one was hurt in the incident.

Officials said the snack shop doors were left closed which kept the fire from burning into the rest of the building.

Investigators said the fire was caused by the spontaneous combustion of some oily or greasy rags in the snack shop.

They estimate the damages are around $100,000.

The AMF Pro 300 is a relatively large bowling alley. It holds 36 lanes and hosts league games, birthday parties, and games for the casual bowler. No word on when the alley will be back open.

FROM PDXF&R: Portland Fire & Rescue recommends that all oily/greasy rags be placed in a metal container with a closed metal lid after use until they can be discarded of properly. 

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