Where there’s smoke there’s fire. And where there’s weed smoke, there are nosey neighbors. One towering column of cannabis smoke later, and police arrived at the home of Fellsmere, Florida man David Ellis. To officers’ surprise, Ellis made no effort to hide the open burn that was quickly engulfing the trimmings from a few dozen cannabis plants. In fact, he welcomed officers inside his home, just to make sure they understood the difference between flower and trim. Because in Ellis’ words, he wasn’t burning cannabis, as police claimed. He was burning “trash, the stuff you don’t smoke.”

Florida Man Gives Sheriff’s Deputy the Easiest Weed Bust of His Life

As Indian River County Sheriff’s Deputy Luke Keppel pulled up to Ellis’ home, he quickly saw what prompted a neighbor’s complaint in the first place. Blanketing the quiet neighborhood in a smokey haze, the unmistakable smell of cannabis wafted through the air. At ground zero was an open pile of debris, Deputy Keppel said, spewing out flames about a yard high.

When Keppel knocked on the door of the residence, Ellis answered. Together, the officer and the Florida man walked toward the burning debris pile. Ellis told the officer it was

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