The legendary, multi-award winning director, producer, screenwriter, and composer Francis Ford Coppola is starting a lifestyle cannabis brand. Already an accomplished vintner, Coppola is using brand awareness from his wines to introduce his “Grower’s Series,” a limited edition, collectible set of three cannabis strains hand-curated by Coppola himself. Partnering with local Humboldt county growers, Coppola’s “Grower’s Series” represents the latest in organic and sustainable cannabis cultivation. The product launched yesterday, in collaboration with The Herb Somm, a lifestyle cannabis brand specializing in gourmet cannabis preparations.

Francis Ford Coppola’s Grower’s Series Flower Now Available in Select Dispensaries

Starting yesterday, select California dispensaries and began filling orders for Francis Ford Coppola’s Grower’s Series. And for customers looking for top-shelf, organically-grown flower with an eco-conscious vision, the Grower’s Series has a ton to offer.

First, there’s the unique packaging that manages to strongly resemble miniature versions of Coppola brand wine bottles, despite California’s strict packaging requirements. Inside the wine bottle-shaped tin, customers will find three precise grams of cannabis, one gram of each of three different strains. The selection shown in the Grower’s Series press release is quite enticing. And according to Coppola, each strain represents one of Humboldt County’s diverse micro-climates.


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